Workshops - 2018

Mad Over Marketing's "The MAD Talk"

Title : Mad Over Marketing's "The MAD Talk"

Conclave : Marketing

Organizer :  Mad over Marketing (MoM)

Speaker(s) :

Date : 1st, October

Start Time : 03:00 PM

Duration: 2:30 Hrs.

Registration Amount :  Rs. 1100.00 inclusive of all taxes

Mad! Madder! Maddest!
Want to know how marketing can be entertaining as well as informative?
Put on your seat belts for Mad over Marketing’s “The MAD Talk” is going to be ruthless and
sarcastic. Listen to their take on various aspects of Marketing.
The talk would cover topics like minimal advertising, ambush marketing, brand wars, the
evolution of advertising and lots more with a flavour of madness, humour and fun. Come join us
at TRBS.

Founded by Mr. Siddhant More and Ms. Wamika Mimani, Mad over Marketing started out as a means to promote a marketing summit and has went on to win a loyal customer base with their high-quality content on marketing and advertising. Mad over Marketing’s focuses been on highlighting the best of the marketing world and provides curated content on their website.


Disclaimer: Content, topic and the organiser of the workshop are subject to change.

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1. Will we get a certificate for the workshop? If yes, who will be issuing them?

Yes, a certificate will be awarded to all workshop participants. It will be issued by the institute and contain the name of the organization conducting the workshop.

2. Will the workshop timings overlap with each other?
No, the workshop timings will not overlap with one another.

3. What is the duration of the workshop?
The workshop will be for 2 and a half hours.

4. Who are the speakers for the session? Is TRBS going to mention it on the site?
The name of the speakers will be announced soon on the website at

5. Is the workshop only for college students?
No, the workshop is open for everyone. The working professionals can also attend the workshop.

6. Does the workshop cost include accommodation or food?
No, the workshop cost doesn’t include accommodation or food. The accommodation has to booked separately.

7. What is the cost of accommodation? Does this include food? Who can avail of the accommodation?
The cost of accommodation begins at Rs. 250 per day and varies depending on the type of accommodation. This cost doesn’t include food. However, meals can be availed from any of the campus outlets at the participants’ expense. Only those who registered for the workshop can avail of the accommodation. For more details, please check

8. Can the workshop participants attend other activities conducted during TRBS?
The workshop participants can attend other activities conducted during TRBS provided that they do not clash with your workshop timings.

9. Can multiple people register from one ID to in order to participate in the workshop?
We strongly discourage multiple registrations from a single ID and we advise participants to register from separate email IDs. In case of bulk booking please contact

Mitesh Kumar
+91 9110035094

Note: In case of any problem, TRBS team decision is final.



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